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Anna Haber is a Kundalini Yoga and Meditation teacher who shares her passion for life and soul work in her teaching. Her style draws on her lifelong learning in the spheres of shamanism, indigenous craft, breathwork, tantra, touch and family constellation work. Anna creates a safe space in her classes to dive deep into experiencing the inner realm through breath, mantra, kriyas, meditation, silence and sharing. She also holds retreats and workshops in the UK, alongside master teachers and healers of different modalities from around the globe. She is passionate about transformation and is inspired to help guide others on their soul journey.


Kundalini Yoga is the Yoga of Awareness and is suitable for those looking to expedite their spiritual growth and healing. The practice provides an experience beyond the limits of time and space—an experience of the depth of one’s soul and true identity. This direct experience of one’s higher self builds a platform of strength, radiance and security from which to live life fully.


Anna created an exclusive collection of natural white clothing for Kundalini Yoga, meditation, ceremony and rituals. The collection is made in India and each piece of clothing is made using handspun Khadi cotton woven by women in villages across the country. She also created a jewellery piece based upon the healing lineage of Siddha Kundalini. The sacred geometry (yantras of Shiva and Durga, one on each side) combined with a diamond in the centre, creates a high vibrational field around the wearer.

SHIRT £50 | DRESS £120
TOP £70

For more information and to purchase any pieces of the collection please contact

DRESS £160
BELT £50

I spent many years working with the San peoples of Botswana and Namibia, creating workshops to develop their crafts and introduce their work to new audiences. They create jewellery using ostrich eggshells, which is the oldest found jewellery in human history.

I was drawn to spend time with the San communities because of the soul they brought to their everyday lives: joy, celebration, storytelling and love is all apparent in the making process, a weaving of divinity into matter. These communities had a sense of belonging to this earth that I had never experienced, yet deeply yearned for. I hoped to share with my community the skill and sense of wonder that I discovered in them, and to share their beautiful craft with the world.



By sharing artisans’ distinctive products from Kashmir, Mali, Afghanistan, Botswana, Namibia, with the world, ZEZE generates awareness of the craftspeople’s extraordinary journey, ensuring their stories continue to be told and appreciated, and that their unique skills flourish.