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I was introduced to Kundalini Yoga and Meditation when my dad was sick with throat cancer in New York, fourteen years ago. I was caring for him and began to manifest his symptoms. This was overwhelming for me as I needed to be strong for him and I was feeling all his unexpressed fear and pain. I happened to meet a woman who practiced Kundalini Yoga and she suggested that I try it to help me strengthen my own energetic field, so I was not absorbing my dad’s energy. Within a week of practising I felt like a different person, I was able to support him fully without merging. I realised that my task was not to ‘save’ him but to support him in the unfolding of his karmic path. My own symptoms disappeared and, over time, I recovered my inner strength and sense of self.

I had tried so many other types of yoga over the years, but kept coming back to Kundalini Yoga. I have found it to be an exquisite way to build strength and determination as a woman on a physical and energetic level. I have found that I am able to merge willpower, gentleness, deep rest and sacredness in one practice, helping me to understand that strength is not exclusive of gentleness: we need both. The practice is designed to move you through stagnant energy, elevate your frequency and awaken you to a greater state of connection and consciousness.

Whilst Kundalini Yoga builds physical strength over time, it’s a beautiful practice for anyone who also wants to experience a connection to their own divinity. I love the way the practice allows for the integration of both the masculine (doing) energies - the activation of the kundalini - and feminine (being) energies - the states of deep rest after each period of activation.

Through a regular Kundalini Yoga practice I have found it possible to move through strong emotions without needing to identify their origin; I simply allow the body to discharge them. The breath of fire is an essential tool in this process, as it allows subconscious emotional patterns to be transmuted.

As a teacher I find it rewarding to see those I work with experiencing realisations, exhilarated states, enhanced energy, deeper dream states, a greater sense of peace and an experience of being more deeply connected to their soul’s purpose.

"Anna has been my guide and teacher of Kundalini for the past two years and I am truly grateful for the journey. Anna customises every class so each one feels unique, but there is a clear sense of momentum and flow. Anna has a very warm, loving, and accepting energy but also knows when administering the encouragement needed to push through some of the walls that you encounter on the journey of Kundalini. Music plays an important role in Anna's teaching style and I have had many deeply relaxing and powerful experiences through the combination of music and body movements. Anna also weaves in poetry that activates the imagination and soul, making the whole experience very rich and rewarding. Since I started doing Kundalini, I feel stronger in my body, with no PMS and a strengthened spiritual connection. I highly recommend working with Anna!”

- Florence Devereux

Background and Qualifications

I am a certified KRI Kundalini Yoga and Meditation teacher and have been teaching for six years. I continue to develop my practice and studies in Kundalini Yoga and Meditation, Kundalini Yoga Therapy, Tantra, BioDynamic Breathwork and Trauma Release, as well as Arun Conscious Touch.

I had a formative period of study at Schumacher College in Devon, studying under British and international wisdom keepers who reconnected us students to the forgotten, ancient ways of being on this earth. I benefitted so much from their generosity, learning as I did the importance of coming together to tell stories, to dance, to drum, to be close to the earth; to listen and share. From them I also learnt about the importance of coming together as a community to grieve.

I have been holding retreats and workshops alongside master teachers, shamans and healers in the field of Embodiment, Tantra, Conscious Touch, Family and Systemic Constellations, Systems Thinking, and Abundance. It has given me great pleasure over the years to introduce international teachers whose work has deeply moved me to a wider audience, and also to bridge the gap between spirituality and business.

I share and teach a distillation of all I have learned from these ancient traditions, the wisdom of my teachers, and my own ongoing experience of awakening to my authentic self.

I would like to thank my dear friends for helping to bring this website to life.

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