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Whilst abundant healing takes place in the group classes, it is in the one on one sessions that the multidimensional nature of the practice is most fully experienced as these are sensitively tailored to individual needs. Much as a doctor assesses a patient and prescribes medicines specific to their current condition, following a one on one consultation I prescribe sets of kriyas, meditations and breathwork to help you move through whatever may be blocking or limiting you.

To create lasting change, kriyas and meditation practices ideally need to be repeated daily for a minimum of 40 days: 40 days is optimal for breaking old habits, 90 days entrains new habits;120 days permanently encodes the new habits.

*Please note, whilst I am a qualified and experienced Kundalini teacher, I am not a therapist, a medical practitioner or a certified coach, and I do not give medical advice.

Sessions are available in person or via Zoom.

Initial consultation: 1 hour 30 mins: £80
This meeting helps me to gain a detailed understanding of where you are at, what ails you, what you wish to address and what you long to achieve or experience in your life as well as getting a sense of your physical and emotional history. I then design a bespoke program of kriyas, breathwork and meditation practices specifically tailored to your individual process and development.

Consultation and follow up 1 hour session: £130
It may be helpful for you to experience a taster session following a consultation, in order to understand how we incorporate the practices based on what you have told me. During this session I explain how each practice is designed to support your development - and how we will build on the structure over time to optimise your progress.

The Consultation + Session provides an introduction to the practice as well as an opportunity to sample my teaching style and see if it suits your needs. If it feels supportive, I would usually recommend we undertake a block of six sessions together, in the first instance. See below for more details.

Consultation and 6 x 1 hour sessions: £420
Now that I am equipped with a greater understanding of your unique needs and challenges, I am able to design and structure a process that will best support you, and to guide you every step of the way. One on one work can be especially useful if you struggle with motivation, are new to Kundalini Yoga, or if, for example, you are experiencing the impacts of trauma and would welcome more holding and support.

Working together in this way allows me to better understand your physical, emotional and spiritual needs and ensure the teaching is well attuned and sympathetic to your pace. Because Kundalini Yoga works with subconscious material, bringing it to light in sometimes surprising ways, it can be very supportive to have one on one guidance to meet you wherever you are at and to encourage you when challenges arise.

I create a loving, safe space in which to share and explore any issues, traumas, fears or strong emotions that may arise through the practice. Often, time is needed to allow for safety in the system, and only then can one gently open and deepen into feeling what has been repressed and trapped in the body. Together we work at creating new neural pathways (through meditation practice) to encourage new thought patterns, emotions and behaviours. I am on hand to support and guide you through your journey of transformation.

Please contact me directly to arrange a consultation, or with any questions at