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I host and hold retreats and workshops alongside master teachers, shamans and healers in the field of Embodiment, Tantra, Conscious Touch, Family and Systemic Constellations, Systems Thinking, and Abundance. It has gives me great pleasure to share this work here.

Tantranz Massage Part II

From Energy Waves to Awareness

In this level we complete the instruction by teaching deep touch of energy points. We begin to learn how to muster the different types of touches according to each person needs in the present moment.

We will practice massage with and without oil and realise how the different energetic bodies work, how they relate to the chakras, and how we approach each person through touch in order to serve their need or create a certain feeling.

For this purpose we deepen the knowledge of the chakras and energy body. We also teach how to read the patient and to elicit complicity for healing.

Hence, we may begin to explore the inclusion of genital touch, though it is not the focus of this second stage.

To allow openness and expansion with containment.

We combine the rise of energy that gives us power with a greater courage to feel each part of the way, allowing transformation rather than pushing limits.

We use Presence and the Felt Sense to accompany touch.

We enhance our capacity to feel, accept and share.

£350 per couple

Dates + Times:
11th Feb – 18th March 2021
Every Thursday from 8pm – 10.30pm

To Book or for more information:

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